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COVID-19 Patient Information

Boas Vision Associates is working hard to prioritize appointment types to ensure we see our urgent cases first

Keeping you and your family safe and healthy is our number one priority; that is why we have developed the following new procedures in our practice.

Before Visit Needs:
Before your visit, we ask that you notify our practice if you are feeling ill so we can reschedule. Please be aware that we have a no show fee policy of $60 during this time.

  • Wanting to look for your next pair of Glasses? Perfect, please let us know when you are setting up your appointment. We are scheduling our optical visits for a half-hour. This way, you can try on as many glasses as you like, and our staff can make sure all frames are properly cleaned.
  • Email the front and back of your insurance card to before your visit to help minimize patient to staff paper handoffs.
  • In need of an adjustment or bringing in materials for your visit, such as contacts or vision therapy materials? Please make sure any outside materials are secured in a plastic bag before your scheduled appointment.

Check-In Process:
Once you arrive at our practice, please wait in your car and call our front desk team at 610.363.2303 to let us know you are ready to start your appointment. A team member will then work with you on getting you checked-in by:

  • Updating any needed check-in materials for your insurance, health forms, and other patient information. As a reminder, we are asking you to email the front and back of your insurance card before your exam to help limit the patient to staff paper handoffs.
  • Asking a series of health screening questions and taking your temperature with a touchless thermometer.
  • Ensuring you have a mask on before you are allowed to enter the practice. If you do not have a mask, we can provide you one for $5.

During your visit:
Throughout your visit, you will notice our staff opening doors, keeping a safe distance from you and other patients, wearing masks along with providing you hand sanitizer. Our team will also be frequently cleaning high touch areas like the lobby, optical department, front desk areas, and bathrooms.

Optical Department:
As a reminder, we are asking patients to schedule appointments for the optical department. Our team will be on hand to pick out glasses off the board for you as you will be asked to be remained seated at the dispensing desk. You will also notice we have special trays for used glasses to make sure all frames that were used are properly cleaned. Once finished, our team member will walk you to check-out.

Thank you so much for being our valued patient and choosing to support our local community. Our goal is to provide you with the safest and most relaxing visit as possible. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask us during your exam about our procedures and how they ensure for a safe practice visit.
The Boas Vision Associates Team