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I am so grateful for Boas Vision’s Eye Therapy program.

I was in a car accident and suffering from headaches and vision problems. It took me a long time searching for a vision doctor that could help with these issues. I saw two other vision doctors previous before Dr. Boas and they couldn’t help me. I was referred to Doctor Boas. Dr. Boas was very knowledgeable with concussions and is heavily involved in research with concussions. He performed many vision test which the other vision doctors did not perform. He was also compassionate to his patients and he genuinely wanted to help. He not only diagnose my issues he also is helping me to fix the problems with VISION THERAPY. So far, his vision therapy has helped me a lot and they are continuing to help me.

If you sustain a head trauma and are having headaches and visions problems THIS IS THE PLACE YOU WANT TO GO.

From the bottom of my heart I Am so Thankful to Dr. Mark Boas and Chrissy for helping me.❤️❤️❤️❤️?Thank you both.

- Helga V. - Facebook Review

Dr. Mark Boas was named the 2023 Albert Fitch Memorial Alumnus of the Year by Salus University. Read more about it here.

Congratulations Dr. Mark Boas!