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Thank you all!

I cannot recommend the team at Boas Vision enough for concussion therapy patients. The doctors have years of experience with vision therapy, and the entire office team is very friendly, patient, and dedicated.

I completed almost two years of outpatient vision rehabilitation before coming to this office. I was going to sessions multiple days a week for multiple hours. While the exercises I completed previously helped me to graduate from college, I still struggled regularly with fatigue, a head tilt, and reading difficulties.

My initial consult with Boas Vision Associates was incredibly thorough and discovered multiple deficiencies my other rehabilitation center considered to be resolved. It finally felt like someone saw the struggles I had failed to properly describe for many years, including my incredibly deficient reading level.

Vision Therapy here with Chrissy has helped me to finally retrain my brain to overcome my lingering issues. I have not "graduated" yet, but my head tilt has improved some, many of my vision struggles have improved, and I'm almost completely back to an age-appropriate reading level.

From BPI lenses to new therapy tools developed by Dr. Mark and the rest of the Boas docs, Boas Vision is dedicated to helping its vision therapy patients achieve long-lasting results. Thank you all!

- Ellen S. - Facebook Review