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Visual Learning Disability

DR 72753710 learning disabilities

Treating Visual Causes of Learning Disabilities with Vision Therapy

A significant percentage of children and young adults have learning difficulties and/or reading problems that are caused by treatable vision problems that are unrelated to 20-20 eyesight. In other words, a person could pass the 20-20 eye exam and still have an undetected eye / vision problem that is interfering with learning and/or reading.

What are Visual Learning Disabilities and/or Learning Related Vision Problems?

These are treatable vision problems that negatively impact learning, reading, sports and even social success and achievement. Accurate detection and appropriate treatment are essential.

These types of vision problems do not go away on their own and will persist into adulthood if not treated. Adults who have not received proper evaluation and treatment often avoid activities, such as reading or sports that bring on their symptoms. And due to lack of accurate diagnosis, these adults do not realize that their discomfort or struggles are being caused by vision problems.

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